Client Testimonials

"Tamara was an absolute pleasure to work with on my father's estate procedures! Her professionalism, accuracy and expertise made a rather difficult process so much easier! I fully trusted her from the moment I met her and she continued to grow that trust through the process! Tamara was always timely and most detailed in her emails and responses to our questions. She guided us with unquestionable expertise. She was kind and compassionate and friendly! I very much appreciate Tamara's assistance and guidance! Tamara is a start in this industry where trust is a hard thing to find! Thanks Tamara!" - Linda


 “I consider myself very lucky to have found Caitlin Egleson and Tamara Sturges. I was in a very difficult situation with my divorce, and they rose to the occasion to help resolve the mess. Throughout the process I was impressed with their focus, organization, communication respect for due process, and respect for all individuals involved. I felt comfortable with them at my side. They have shown great skill negotiating in a collaborative situation, as well as in Court. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone navigating the often murky and troubled waters involved with family law.” – Jim


“I am honored to write a testimonial about the wonderfully competent, compassionate and effective way Egleson & Sturges represented us and the results. Thank you so much for explaining this very confusing, convoluted and messed up process of probate and helping me to realize how NOT to do my estate.  It was so reassuring to have Tamara and Caitlin in court with me.  When I looked over at the other party I felt grateful and a little proud that I was so well represented.  I am not an eloquent writer, so I can't express the deep gratitude I have to Tamara and Caitlin for finalizing this matter.  I feel like the giant lead balloon has been lifted off my shoulders and my loved one can finally be put to rest and at peace. Tamara and Caitlin are what lawyers should be.”  – Cathy


"Ms. Sturges recently assisted me with a probate matter. I found her to be knowledgeable, competent, and thoughtful - just what you'd look for in a lawyer. She was particularly good at explaining legal details in a straightforward and concise manner. I'd highly recommend her."  – Anonymous AVVO review